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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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school administration building in levittown with the story, diana. >> reporter: the school district maintenance director was arrested yesterday along with two other men, the charges are that 59 year-old james anders junior is accused of using his position to make sure bid for work, to the school, went to a company owned by his friend patrick, who in exchange, offered kickbacks, this all happen with the help of the third man ernest neff. it ace alleged from 2006 through 2010, 12 contracts were awarded for more than $370,000. and, any project by submitting bid under three different company names, all companies, belonging to squires. when the school district became suspicious they used fake companies and fake names. we talk to parents outside one of the cash strapped elementary schools this afternoon and here's what they had to say. >> going to school should been the the kid not what you should line your pockets w that is just wrong.
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>> do you think they are into fraud. >> obviously not. to take that much money without them noticing them until now, they are not on top of it. it is kind of a disappointment. >> reporter: in a statement the school districts says in a financially challenge school district such as ours every dollar spent is precious. at alleged activity was discover, followed and reported by district staff. we are saddened but district was allegedly taken advantage of, and how students, teachers, and, taxpayers, and, did not key serve the deceptive practices. if convicted, all three men must pay restitution and could be looking at up to 105 years in prison. we are live from bristol township i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is a war of word between city controller alan butkovitz and mayor michael nutter. today controller called for the mayor to dismiss l and i commissioner carlton williams. at issue here is the agency doing a good enough job keeping the city safe.
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we will get more from "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter. >> instead of getting it done he has been interested in making it appear like things are better. >> reporter: city controller alan butkovitz called for the immediate dismissal of carlton williams by the the mayor, the the controller saying his investigation shows that following the the deadly june 2013 building collapse that killed six, the department has allowed too many dangerous buildings to remain standing at a too many improperly certified workers to remain on the payroll. >> i'm calling for l and i commissioner carlton williams to be replaced. >> reporter: minutes later, the commissioner and mayor told me that wouldn't be happening. >> reporter: your response for his call for you to be replaced. >> thinks first time i have heard of it. when time ace pope eighth i will address it in the manner that is expect. i will continue to do my job. >> the pressure, he is doing a fine job in trying to transform an important public safety agency in the city. >> reporter: city officials a say 272 imminently dangerous
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properties that they have identified are down from more than 602 years ago. 2100 vacant properties, sealed up, compared to 1900 last year. l and i a's new budget nearly half million under project cost. >> if the controller would actually take a breath, take a moment, to learn about the the many changes, he would learn a lot. >> reporter: nutter accusing butkovitz of seeking the the spotlight rather than solutions. >> we will not get distracted by that kind of nonsense, ego, narcissist particular personality disorder that seems to compel, the need for constant public attention. >> reporter: responding to the mayor's criticism butkovitz has now sent an e-mail that reads in part, mayor nutter is incapable of responding to these issues, substantively so he has decided to instead take the donald trum april approach of spewing insults
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and abuse. finally, beyond the controversy mayoral candidate james kenney has made it clear that if elect, he would appoint, a new head of the l and i. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. count down now stand at the just ten days until pope francis arrives in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection and today more updates regarding the papal visit. mayor nutter wants philadelphians and those in the surrounding area to get excited about the papal visit. the mayor spoke earlier at city hall. >> thinks about i have is i can pride about using this historic opportunity to essentially tell our story to the world about our unique history, exceptional people, who call the philadelphia region home. >> mayor also discussed trash collections, city wide trash collection is canceled on friday september 25th and monday september 28th. regular trash collection will resume on tuesday the 29th. "eyewitness news" in camden, city officials there outlined their plans for the
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pope saying they are ready to welcome the faithful making the journey to see the pontiff. they urged them to plan ahead and pointed out camden will be restricting vehicle traffic making mass transit the best option. >> camden is honored to welcome catholics from throughout the the world, and our goal, it is to make this pilgrimage of thousands of people coming to see the pope as easy, and enjoyable as possible. >> we have also learned that the camden waterfront will be opened for preregistered parking, 8,000 spots are being sold for $44 a day. those interested can reserve a spot on line. stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest on the papal visit as we inch closer to the highly anticipated event. we will have updates on air and our web site at cbs breaking news now, more trouble for rutgers university, head football coach kyle flood has been suspended for three games and find $50,000 following an investigation in the rules
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violations. the the details around the suspension are unknown but school has been investigating an e-mail sent to a faculty member recording the status of the players. recently six players were suspended for off field incidents. rutgers opens up big ten play against happy valley saturday. it is eagles/cowboys week here in philadelphia. if the steaks weren't high enough just naturally you have also got disappointing opening loss that put an extra spotlight on the match up with big d. >> sports director don bell joins us now a lot of story lines in this one. we wouldn't have it the any other way. >> no time to rest, right. season is underway and we have a huge match up. it is earliest season match up between eagles and cowboys since 2008. over last ten games, five wins for philly, five for big d. the robbery are is rivalry is one of the best in football. >> it shouldn't take much to get hyped for this game. everybody wish they could trade places just so they could play in this game.
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>> reporter: yep, birds and boys, nfc east rivalry that goes back to 1960. match up so heated that before the the season, fans planned to fly smack talking banners over each others practice fat it is. >> i have learned that there is not a lot of love lost between the two sides. i think a couple of guys were talking about they have had some choice words for dallas. >> reporter: not all players are buying rivalry hope. stay focused my friend. >> if we get to the cowboy game and outside of this, it is huge thing but in the end of the day we have to execute. we can only beat ourselves. if we do what we are supposed to do there is nothing but success, for us. >> jordan matthews so chill. last time eagles beat cowboys at the link, matthews was a sophomore at vanderbilt that was 2011. >> okay. >> it has been long time. >> thanks, see new a bit. don't forget thursday
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night football returns tomorrow night payton manning and denver broncos headed to arrow head stadium to face andy reid, jeremy maclin and kansas city chiefs. coverage begins tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. new at 6:00 a dredging project underway in new jersey is leaving some local rowers high and dry. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan, joins us now live from the camden county boat house in pennsauken more on this, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, the cooper river is one of the busiest areas in the philadelphia region for rowing but if you have been here lately you are wondering where is everyone? well, we found them, they are here, sweating it out on dry land because right now no one is allowed out on the cooper river. the hum of er g machines filled the afternoon outside camden county boat house. the teams in the south jersey rowing club had a different work out then normal. >> we're here doing work outs on the cooper because we are
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not able to row here. >> reporter: cooper river is off limits to rowing and all boating. work got underway on a nine million-dollar project to dredge the river some areas are only about knee deep, and finished product should be a constant depth of five and 6 feet. >> the depth of the river and uniform depth will allow, you know, us to attract some major rowing events, that are nationally meant and that is the goal. >> reporter: one race had to be canceled but ultimately when all of the work is complete by next spring a deeper river could provide an economic boost to the four towns along the river. >> every hotel, every restaurant, when we hold events at this venue, we are generate ago lot of business for our companies. >> reporter: down side is that about a dozen rowing and dragon boat teams will to have rethink or relocate their work out. thirteen year-old rachel peers piece wishes she were on the river but isn't too disappointed spending a sunny avenue with her friend.
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>> we are excited for all of the changes and have better opportunities here and more races and we get to row in philly, which is a really established course. it is all exciting for us. >> these guys will be logging a lot of hours on those er gs in the coming month. same rules apply for people who want to use kyack and canoe out on the river. you just can't go out there county officials didn't say whether you would get a fine if you are caught on the river but they will chase you off. reporting live from pennsauken, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sparks fly during a pharmacy robbery in the philadelphia's fernrock neighborhood. suspect was seen using a power saw to try and gain access to it, safe. it all happen saturday morning on the 5700 block of north broad street, and police say they are looking for two male suspects and driver of the waiting vehicle will. they got away with several models of prescription drugs. and, coming up, big news for local college, greg. >> it is not often you hear of
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schools slashing tuition, but that is exactly what rosemont college is doing i'm greg argos on campus with the reasoning behind the cuts. and a fresh start for a historic hotel in philadelphia, how officials are trying once again to make it divine. kate? and speaking of divine, it was a beautiful day outside, it will stay that way with high pressure in control across the northeast right through the even of the week and then some changes as we head into next week i'll have latest seven day forecast coming up as soon as we come
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tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 putting snails, yep, on your face. some say they are great for your skin and that is not all. health reporter stephanie stahl will explain why a variety of other ingredients are being taughted for making beautiful skin. that is tonight at 11:00 o'clock. well, college costs continue to rise but one local institution is reverse ago this trend. >> rosemont college slashing tuition and room and board and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos tells us what is behind the dramatic
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move. >> reporter: looking at any bill and one for tuition isn't fun for anyone bureausmont college in bryn mawr is trying to take away a little bit of that pain. >> we will reduce our tuition, from over $32,000, to $18,500. >> reporter: sharon hirsch, president of the college, says the the reason for the slash, trying to simplify a tuition system that simply doesn't work. >> it is a model based on high sticker prices that keep going up every year, and high discounts. >> reporter: think of college tuition like a sticker price on the car, most people don't pay the full price, instead, they get discounted. well, now rosemont students here at this college will pay a discounted price for tuition, essentially the price that the car or in this case their education is worth. >> no matter what, they will be paying less, next year, then they are paying now, and that ranges from hundred dollars less, to several thousand dollars less. >> it is amazing. i'm in shock. >> reporter: that is common sentiment among students on campus like sophomore mary,
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who says she will save $1,400 next year due to this tuition change. >> when president hirsch announced it, we heard this overwhelming round of applause and cheers and like a weight off everyone's shoulders. >> reporter: not everyone will benefit from it. >> as a senior my first thought was seriously. >> reporter: but senior mary grace says she's glad the the soon to be alma matter as a competitive place to get an education. >> we will get more students, which would be great, a and we have had such an increase in students through my four years here and we will be guarantied to get more. the fact that we can compete with state schools now. 185, that is awesome. >> reporter: this change goes in effect for 2016/2017 school year. even though students will see a cut in tuition the the president says there will be no cuts in fact all the or staff. reporting here at rosemont college i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, that is good news. students in camden are learning about science, math, engineering in a new high tech
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school. >> the leap academy university charter school expanded classrooms in the historic wilson building to day. "eyewitness news" on cooper street as students got acquainted with their new surroundings. thinks the fifth building that leap has built and rehabilitated on cooper street since 1995. >> so, this is a good day for the city, good day for the fall list. it is an note i have place unlike any other place in the state we have the only school that has the foundation to begin to provide solution toss social problems, through market products, the kid that are developing like water filters, like microscopes. >> the school board of director named the school after gloria bow knee a santiago. divine lorraine hotel is set to undergo a 44 million-dollar transformation, city officials and developers broke ground this afternoon, at the north broad street site. afterward fans lined up for a chance to buy a keep sake from a pop up shop inside.
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window reservations will be complete in 18 months. building will include more than 100 apartments and retail space. >> that will be beautiful. can't wait to see it. can't wait to see it. how is weather. >> gorgeous. >> it is gorgeous. >> i said on twitter if you have to be a broken record, thinks got record to be have on because it just keeps playing. nice, sunny, nice, every day. we can live with that lots of sunshine. low humidity. even though it ace above average temperature wise maybe some folks are looking for more fall days. we have got those coming as well. the without humidity it cools down nice. cool and comfortable and nice warm afternoons. you cannot beat this weather. we will take you outside to one of the cameras looking east down spring garden street. shadows lengthening, shadows of the building including here at the cbs broadcast center where cameras located and problems out there. not even a cloud in the sky, right now, and on our live neighborhood network from the palmyra cove nature park we have a shot of the skies line
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and see delaware river looking good, beautiful evening to be out on the river. a few boats tonight. no problems outside, no weather issues to talk about really at all. storm scan three completely clear. we are zoomed out and still don't have anything to talk about. these cloud with the system over portions of florida and deep south trying to creep in but high pressure keeping them suppressed. outer band of clouds could impact us tomorrow, for the most part it stays sunny and dry. this is our next front producing showers across minnesota and down towards nebraska but that is not going to get here until at least sunday. by the time it does it has got cloud cover witt. 85 degrees at the airport. eighty at the airport. thanks to the big dome of high pressure from the blocking high keeping us protected from any influence of cloud, any storms. everything staying away. sunny and warm for thursday. friday. then gannon saturday. another sunshine again, copy pa aste, maybe a few more cloud sat the day as this front approaches from the west. you can see how warm.
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jet stream off to the north. temperatures above average. watch what happens sunday into monday when that front approaches and cool pocket will descent to the south and then by machine we will feel temperatures heading back to normal. we have an eye on the tropics here. tropical depression number nine that has formed and this has a 70 percent chance of future development. not expect to directly impact us here in philadelphia over tonight clear, calm, comfortable 63. beauty for your thursday. eight is five your daytime high. down the shore things look great. sunny skies, just gorgeous. 80 degrees. poconos in the bad at all. upper 70's thursday ape friday. seventy-six in the poconos on saturday. here is your seven day forecast, nothing bad to say about this. notice changes come sunday when few more cloud come in. next week it is cooler, temperatures back in the 70's. it does look dry for next couple days, last couple days of summer. maybe a few showers by wednesday but that last weekend of summer, gorgeous.
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>> yes. >> last in the string of nice weekend. >> kate, thanks very much. >> we will take a short break, sports
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cowboys beach has a extra pun inch 2015. it is on now. >> we are fired up, ready nor game once again. when shady was sent packing demarco murray was a ray of light. they hope murray will shine sunday against his former team and get after it at the link. murray only rush eight times for 9-yard in the teams monday night loss to the falcons. let's flash back to last year, he was a beast, nfl high 1845-yard, a and that kind of performance hauled in a 40 million-dollar deal from the bird. he faced his former team in the home opener. >> i'm not worried bit. this is a game, this is week number two. no matter who it is i will dot same thing i have been doing leading up to the weeks. i will not do anything different, i will in the try
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to do this ape that and be special. >> anybody who has been employed by somebody else and has shown a different light or different door i guess, you have a lot of friend on that team. he has probably some emotions he might not show you but i'm sure he will be fired up for this game. >> kelce coming with the realness. demarco playing it cool. is there still time to vote for friday football frenzy game of the week. go to cbs this weeks choices are shawnee at cherry hill west, garnett valley at ridley and north pen at downingtown east. i will announce winner tonight the at 11:00 and we will be there for the friday football frenzy. baseball now small crowds at the bank these days, not much to see unless you are going to watch the opposition. game three between nationals and phillies tonight. fightins trying to avoid being swept, last night bryce harper slapped two home runs and drove in all four runs for d.c. the the 22-year old lead nl in homers, batting average and
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", and tonight police arrest a 14 year-old boy for being good at science. the find out why, from the new
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york here now is scott pelley, take care, >> pelley: show and tell takes a twist and turn after handcuffs from the police-- >> made me feel like a criminal and terrorist. >> pelley: a pat on the back from the president. also tonight, round two for the g.o.p.'s sweet 16. how many will be standing after this debate? at least six hikers are killed by flash floods and the search goes on for victims of the wildfires. and below the sidewalks of new york, the wait for a train nearly 100 years late. >> we are about 84%, 85% done. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: an alarm clock that went off in irving, texas, got the attention of the entire nation today. because the proud young muslim boy


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